Quotes about shimjeong

The Bible introduces the love of God, but we cannot feel His love only by having the Bible. We have to know and embody His Heart.

God can give a rope to a fallen man, but He cannot come down to man's fallen state to lift him up directly. Man has to hold on to the rope of religion that God has given him, and he has to do it by exerting himself. That is the heart. How careful that heart is will shorten your distance to God.

The shimjeong of God, the shimjeong of the True Parents, and your shimjeong should be on a straight line.

The basis of the universe is man; man's basis is life; the basis of life is love, and the basis of love is God.

The heart which has soaked into the bone marrow can transcend law.

Words of truth only open a person's door. After that, he must be nurtured heartistically.

Shimjeong is the desire and the purpose, while circumstances are our living environment. Broaden your life centered upon God's Shimjeong.

March forward by creating in your mind the foundation on which God can visit you. God visits man in such a heartistic way as to permeate his flesh, bones and marrow. You, too, should have this kind of heart buried in your blood and flesh.

Always keep your heartistic aspect in a state that you give off a fresh and stimulating scent acceptable to God.

From now on, try to know God's true situation, then learn from me, who cannot help bursting into tears when calling God, "Father!"

I don't look at you from the standpoint of success or failure of your task, but centered on your motivation of heart. It is important whether your motivation is self-centered or God-centered. When your standard of heart is the same as God's, all problems will be solved.

In the Age of Words and in the Age of Practice, inheritance of mission in case of failure was possible. But in the Age of Heart, it is impossible.

If an older member loses the standard of heart required by this age, God cannot avoid calling and using a new member who meets that standard.

You must develop the talent and ability to perceive all aspects of a person's character. Resurrection comes in the spring garden of love, in an atmosphere of such a deep feeling that it seems as if every cell of the body is melted by the power of love.

The only idea of possession that the Unification members should have is that of God's heart.

Prepare your history of nostalgic heart.

To pioneer heavenly heart is the path of those who walk the path of paths.

All those who are in the Last Days are those who owe the greatest debt and are lonely and sorrowful. The only means by which to solve this is heart.

When you shed tears they should not be those which seek something but those which give something to others.

What is it which heaven wants to show and earth wants to be proud of? It is "I" created by the heartistic connection of heaven and earth.

You and I want to live together, speak together, and work together. This is the historical heart of God.

We must conquer the hearts of mankind with ideology, loyalty, and action.

It should be a source for future generations to look back upon the memory. If there is anything to leave, it is the heavenly father's heart and love for it.

There may be a country which is proud that it has the highest mountain, the largest river, and the greatest land mass in the world. But if it rejoices over this with Satan's heart instead of uniting with the heart of God who created it, will He rejoice?