Chapter 2. The Human Fall

Table of contents
Section 1. The Root of Sin
1.1 The Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
1.1.1 The Tree of Life
1.1.2 The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
1.2 The Identity of the Serpent
1.3 The Fall of the Angel and the Fall of Human Beings
1.3.1 The Crime of the Angel
1.3.2 The Crime of the Human Beings
1.3.3 The Illicit Sexual Act between the Angel and the Human Beings
1.4 The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
1.5 The Root of Sin

Section 2. The Motivation and Process of the Fall
2.1 Angels, Their Missions and Their Relationship to Human Beings
2.2 The Spiritual Fall and the Physical Fall
2.2.1 The Spiritual Fall
2.2.2 The Physical Fall

Section 3. The Power of Love, the Power of the Principle and God’s Commandment
3.1 The Power of Love and the Power of the Principle in the Human Fall
3.2 Why God Set Up the Commandment as an Object of Faith
3.3 The Period During Which the Commandment Was Necessary

Section 4. The Consequences of the Human Fall
4.1 Satan and Fallen Humanity
4.2 Satan’s Activities in Human Society
4.3 Good and Evil Seen from the Viewpoint of Purpose
4.4 The Works of Good Spirits and Evil Spirits
4.5 Sin
4.6 The Primary Characteristics of the Fallen Nature

Section 5. Freedom and the Human Fall
5.1 The Meaning of Freedom from the Viewpoint of the Principle
5.2 Freedom and the Human Fall
5.3 Freedom, the Fall and Restoration

Section 6. The Reason God Did Not Intervene in the Fall of the First Human Ancestors
6.1 To Maintain the Absoluteness and Perfection of the Principle of Creation
6.2 That God Alone Be the Creator
6.3 To Make Human Beings the Lords of Creation



제2장 타락론

인간누구나 악을 버리고 선을 따르려는 본심(本心)의 지향성가지고 있다. 그러나 모든 인간은 자기도 모르게 어떠한 악의 세력에 몰리어, 본심이 원하는 선을 버리고 원치 않는 악을 행하게 된다. 이러한 악의 세력 가운데서 인류의 죄악사(罪惡史)는 연면히 계속되고 있다. 기독교(基督敎)에서는 이 악의 세력의 주체사탄이라고 한다. 인간이 이 사탄의 세력을 청산하지 못하는 것은, 사탄무엇이며 또 그것이 어떻게 해서 사탄이 되었는가 하는 그 정체를 알지 못하고 있기 때문이다. 그러므로 인간이 이 악을 발본색원(拔本塞源)함으로써 인류 죄악사를 청산하고 선의 역사이루기 위하여는 먼저 사탄사탄동기와 경로와 그 결과를 밝히 알지 않으면 아니 되는 것이다. 이러한 문제를 해명하기 위하여 우리타락론(墮落論)을 알아야 한다.

All people have an original mind which inclines them to reject evil and pursue goodness. Yet, even without our being aware of it, we are driven by evil forces to abandon the goodness which our original mind desires and to perform evil deeds which, in our innermost heart, we do not want to do. As long as these evil forces assail us, the sinful history of humanity will continue unabated. In Christianity, the master of these evil forces is known as Satan. We have been utterly unable to liquidate the forces of Satan because we have not understood Satan’s identity or how he came to exist. To extirpate evil by its root, and thereby end sinful history and usher in an era of goodness, we must first expose the motivation and origin of Satan and recognize the destruction he has wrought in human life. This explanation of the human Fall will clarify these issues.

The Human Fall