Quotes about love

If you want to love your nation, you have to love mankind. If you want to love mankind, you have to love God.

It should be a source for future generations to look back upon the memory. If there is anything to leave, it is the heavenly father's heart and love for it.

Don't resent not having received love, but resent not having been able to give love.

To the highest degree, love your spouse who is connected with you by shimjeong.

If you want to lead people, you should work harder than them. Be a better offering than them, and treat them with a warm and affectionate shimjeong.

The family is the school of love. The family sets the pattern for living together in harmony. It is the model for living together as one. There we have love and respect between parents and children, mutual fidelity and love between husband and wife, and trust and mutual reliance among siblings.

Mother and father should never quarrel, but love each other and their children, setting examples for the nation, heaven and earth, relatives, parents, brothers and sisters in loving heaven and earth, the world and the nation, and in being textbooks of the future.

To the highest degree, love your spouse who is connected with you by shimjeong.

Let us express the ideals through words, then practically show through one’s personal qualities and give love from your shimjeong.

Everyone is equal centered upon love. We dominate and are dominated by each other centered upon love. Love is the basis of the hope of all mankind.

There is no dream impossible to fulfill, if we share our love with a sincere shimjeong.

The success or failure depends on how much love we are able to pack into our life.

Love is the root of the harmony which can perfect us.

Homeland is a place with which a person is strongly connected by voluminous bonds of love.

The ideal world is the one in which we live for the sake of others.

Love is the source of peace and happiness.

Give love and forget that you gave it.

The more love acts, the more it increases. Therefore, eternal comes from love alone.

There is no inequality in front of love.

God is the root of love. He is present in the place where parental love, conjugal love and children's love become completely one with one another.

Become a person who is thirsty to give. Never be taken care of.

Perfect love does not remember itself when it is practiced. Rather, it feels shy about itself.

The term "reciprocal relationship" is a term used centering on shimjeong. Perfection, too, means the perfection of shimjeong.

The roots of love are the vertical love of parent-child heart and the horizontal love of brotherly heart.