Quotes about goodness

Goodness is never defeated by being hit. Therefore, those who tried to kill me all perished. Evil cannot dominate goodness. Goodness cannot be achieved without experiencing the bitterness of defeat. Therefore, you should not be discouraged in doing good.

Goodness is not realized instantly. If you want to be a good person, you have to inherit the past. This is why we need education. You should learn at school. What do you learn? Throughout history, those who have sacrificed to pave the way for goodness did not have an easy life. We should inherit the historical spirit of those who have sacrificed.

Good keeps step with eternity, while evil keeps step with the moment.

Those who live for others more than themselves will become central people of goodness.

Good is decided when you speak frankly and act truthfully.

Give love and forget that you gave it.

The path of a good man is a life of overcoming.

The perfection of human beings and peace in the world come about through the family. The purpose of religion is for everyone to become people of goodness who can then bring about an ideal world of peace. No matter how much politicians may put their heads together, they will not bring about peace. Formidable military power will not bring peace. The starting point for bringing about peace is the family.

A good man is one who can always embrace everything with his shimjeong, whatever he sees and wherever he goes.