Quotes about faith

When you pray, your shimjeong should be as earnest as a baby who cries for his mother's milk.

Your love for the world should be even greater than your love for the Lord.

You will go to that place of the spirit world which corresponds to your own spiritual level.

Without knowledge and understanding, beliefs do not take hold.

Blessing does not come in an environment of comfort.

A divine son is the one who can invest and invest his life for the world again and again.

God wishes to visit every corner of the world He created. But He especially wants to visit those places in which His children are sincerely preparing the foundation of loyalty. As the children of God, therefore, you must pioneer to the end of the world and then invite Him.

It is important to connect yourself with the God who has been working the providence of restoration since the Fall, but it is even more important to connect yourself with God's shimjeong from before the Fall.

You can feel God's shimjeong when you really feel in both your mind and body that God exists and you were created by Him, and that God and you are in the relationship of Father and son.

You should not criticize those who are working centered on Heaven's shimjeong. Think highly of the life armed with shimjeong. Those who have more shimjeong than I are Abels to me.

The home of eternal blessing is the place where God's shimjeong dwells abundantly. Therefore, if you possess within yourself a place where God's shimjeong can rest, His blessing works through you.

Blessed are those who have an unchanging internal standard of shimjeong to respect Heaven, be harmonious with others, and love the earth.

God always guides those who impress Him through their life of attendance. Such sons and daughters of God are like the eyes of Heaven.

The path of a good man is a life of overcoming.

You must have many occasions on which you choked with tears in front of God.

You can serve God with all your sincerity, not because you have learned it from someone who guides or forces you, but because that kind of feeling automatically springs forth from your shimjeong. Loyalty, filial piety and chastity are not a matter of education.

Live with the desire to take care of God rather than to be taken care of by Him.

It is commonly true that you don't see any faults in someone who is the closest to you. Therefore, let us become those who are the closest to God.